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Chateau Ausone


Chateau Ausone is lived-in of the Terroir and is located on lime stone floors below of St. Emilion. The vineyards are protected by Ausone of cold winches by rock faces and a favourable microclimate arises from it for the maturation of the grapes.

Chateau Ausone was mentioned for the first time well documentarily in the historical look back in the 14th century and is in the possession of the families Vauthier and Dubois-Challon now for about 250 years. Only in 1966 the family of the Vauthiers acquired the share upon madam Dubois-Challon and sole owner is Ausone on chateau now. The name Ausone probably originates from the Roman poet Ausonius (310-395) because nearby the estate remains of a Roman villa were discovered. This was well the native country of the Dicherts Ausonius to life times and shows the long tradition of the region. A dispute is provoked between chateau Ausone and chateau canon-La Gaffelière about the questions of ownership of property of this ruin at the moment, though.

Chateau Ausone is only 7.3 hectares in size and the Cuvée is a composition from 50% Merlot and 50% Cabernet franc. The vines are approx. 50 years old on average on the estate and therefore also can come through the dry spells very frequently appearing in this region well. By the exceptionally high Cabernet franc amount of the wines on chateau Ausone the growth have an independent taste which one does not regain so in the whole Bordeaux area any more. One can differentiate a Chateau Ausone wine relatively easily from the other large Chateau wines. In 1995 the owners protected themselves service of the world-famous oenologist Michel Rolland advising this one on chateau Ausone. Through this the quality was increased considerably again. As a great rearrangement the malolaktic fermentation was introduced in little barrels instead of in big steel tanks. The services let themselves cost the owners of some, whereby the fruits of the work already on the prices of the young wines appears.

The prices of chateau Ausone are very high, caused by the small outputs and the high demand just from the Asian room. Current vintages frequently break the 1000 euros brand in the sale as of wine-growing estate. The century vintage 2005 belongs to a legend of the Bordeaux area already now and is very in demand with connoisseurs of wine and enthusiasts.

The best vintages on chateau Ausone were well 1945, 1949 and 1953 as well as 1955 1959. An average 1961s vintage led to a small weakness phase within the 1970s years. The year 1982 was then excellent again and further very good wines followed with 1983, 1988 and 1990. Ausone are also in 1996, 1998 and 2000 regarded as good locum tenenses on chateau. The expensive 2003s and 2005s wines are already now almost completely unavailable and only get hold toward auctions at high prices.

A chateau Ausone can develop flavours already jutting out in the youth, gains at complexity and balance considerably within the first 10 years, though. An Ausone too young should not be drunk therefore. He has a good ageing potential, weaker vintages should, however, be drunk up more speedily

Here now some tasting notice for the chateau Ausone wine of the last century:

Chateau Ausone 1947
Ausone in a Vandermeulen filling convinced 1996 with a fine red currant was altogether rather a little slim and still seemed young - 94/100, 1997 with a similar result tasted again (well up: wineterminator.com Dr. Becker).

Chateau Ausone 1952
One should give the Ausone Vandermeulen much the time and air. If one got a good bottle comes out then strong wine with mad outlet. Unfortunately, there are also many mediocre bottles. I have the better ones constantly weightedly with 93-94/100 (well up: wineterminator.com Dr. Becker).

Chateau Ausone 1955
Absolutly a search is also worth the Ausone wine. 2006 unfortunately suberose, would have been otherwise a marvelous, still very strong wine in the 92+/100 class, fantastic nose with decanting! (well up: wineterminator.com Dr. Becker).

Chateau Ausone 1959
I had ticked Ausone off already because he had presented himself in the Caveau of Düsseldorf as wine dying more oldly with brownish colour, medical nose, short and ready at the palate in 1989. But this was well only a bad bottle as one can always catch her with old wines. Bottle idea, a very interesting wine with firm colour, then convincing one with Schorn very much, on a Best rhone as Bordeaux, little fruit, rather sweetens tobacco, tea, for this also a little, makes it in this form for certain still for a long time and stands on my search list in 1999 – 94/100 (well up: wineterminator.com Dr. Becker).

Chateau Ausone 1961
Robert Parker 88/100 (03-1997) A ripe, port-like nose of dried fruits, herbs, old tea, and minerals made for an intriguing set of aromatics. In the mouth, the wine reveals more sweetness and fat than one expects from Ausone, but an underlying pruny quality suggested the fruit was more than merely overripe. Hard tannin, acidity, and earthiness were noticeable in the background, but overall this was a good to excellent wine, with its positive attributes outweighing the more troublesome ones.

Chateau Ausone 1982
Parker N° 129 (26.06.2000) : 93 Trinkreife : 2005-2040 Medium ruby-colored, with a pronounced smoky, herb-tinged bouquet revealing aromas of black tea, minerals, and sweet fruit, this medium-bodied 1982 exhibits a striking liquid minerality, decent acidity, and a powerful, concentrated, long finish. The 1982 Ausone is just turning the corner and beginning to reveal considerable complexity as well as finesse.

Chateau Ausone 1985
I always had problems against this with this around a multiple more expensive Ausone. My first bottle of this wine 1988 in the Caveau of Düsseldorf was just the same ungenerous and boarded up like my last one, one of the backmarkers of a great 85s test in 1999. There is also no hope because the Ausone is in addition rather feeble. Therefore avoiding (well up: wineterminator.com Dr. Becker).

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