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The wine cultivable area of the Pomerol contains approximately 800 hectares and is, counterparts from the Medoc compared this one very much flatly. It immediately lies nearby the ancient port Libourne with the emblem, the high church steeple. There hardly are big estates in the Pomerol, many little wine-growing estates which more than 10 hectares seldom have to vineyards rather exist. Pomerol of wines and their producer exhibit lowest hectare yields of all Bordeaux appellation and the wine-growing estates of the Pomerol of area have soundful names.

Chateau Peter is the perfect example for red bordeaux wine and one of the most expensive wines of the world but the further producers are almost just as famous: Trotanoy, Clinet, La Conseillante, Gazin, Veux chateau Certan or chateau Lafleur, have to be mentioned here. Of all wines in the Bordeaux area the Pomerol plants have the highest Merlot share. From 800 hectares 80% with Merlot are cropt, which are remaining 20% equipped with Cabernet francs.

Today the Pomerol cultivation area ranks this among the most in demand and most famous of whole Bordeaux region, was however not always the fall– over centuries Pomerol wines had reached only a small publicity and always were in the shade of medoc, Graves and even St. Emilion. Only at the beginning of the 20th century first success trends turned out for the Pomerol wines when Belgians and primarily Dutchmen were more and more interested in the red Pomerol wines. Definitely the apices Pomerol wines are impressive because of her voluminous, fleshy berry fruit and the terrific seasoning already within young years. They partly have to be drunk already attractively in the youth, develop with the age but to monumental plants with a high ageing potential. Truffle flavours are effective with Pomerol wines only after decades and the wines are considerably different in the taste from the Medoc or Graves plants.

By the reduced profits and the little wine-growing estates the number of bottles is very limited by Pomerol wines. High prices which considerably often are over these of the further Bordeaux wine from Paulliac or St. Julien arise from it just within the last few years. Old vintages from the 1940s years are true rarities and only finding very rare. A 1945s chateau Petrus is a very popular wine and costs 6000 euro in the chateau filling.

The best Pomerol vintages of the last century were 1928, 1929, 1945, 1947, 1949, 1950, 1955, 1961, 1975, 1989, 1990 and 2005.


The most famous wines from the Pomerol area are:

Chateau Clinet
This producer is not located far chateau Petrus away and is regarded as one of the best Pomerol wines with a long history.

Chateau La Conseillante
Although the wine cultivable area lies directly besides Cheval-Blanc, the wines distinguish themselves considerably in colour, fruit, taste and smell.

Chateau La Croix de Gay
The wine cultivable area is a neighbour of the famous chateau Peter but his maturation is fundamentally faster. The high quality is achieved most also in smaller vintages.

Chateau L`Ègliste-Clinet
Small outputs at good prices. Already young wines have a complex taste.

Chateau La Fleur Petrus
The wine-growing estate is between Lafleur and Petrus, the owner is the well-known Jean - Pierre Moueix. The wines are Petrus in the taste finer than the one of chateau, structured however for a long time not so well.

Chateau Lafleur
This small good is famous and in demand due to his special Terroirs. The vineyards are ever armed with Merlot and Cabernet franc half. The produced wines belong to the apex the appellation Pomerol since 1998.

Chateau Latour À Pomerol
Another chateau of Jean - Pierre Moueix. The wines have a high Merlot share and are firm in the taste.

Chateau Petrus
This good belongs to the perfect example of Pomerol's producers and the complete wine cultivable area's bordeaux. It is also led by Jean - Pierre Moueix. Petrus was regarded as the most expensive individual wine of the world for a long time.

Chateau Le Pin
These wines are part of the cult wines of the Asians and nouveau riche Russians. He is the probably best known and most expensive so-called garage wine. The taste, his charm and the rarity to himself let his prices increase in astronomical heights for a long time.

Chateau Trotanoy
He is from the Moueix dynasty and much shows fruit and structure. He hardly takes second place of the quality to Petrus.

Vieux Chateau Certan
The high Cabernet Sauvignon –Share in the wines of Vieux chateau Certan gives the wine a high ageing potential and a personality of its own. The property is a neighbour of Petrus and shows tasty flavours.

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