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Angelo Gaja is the probably most famous winegrower from Italy. He had control of the Piemonteser viniculture as a famous producer for years. 1859 became the wine-growing estate with the seat in Cueno( by Barbaresco) founded. And one of the first propertys of Italy which filled his wines on bottles and did not sell the wines in the barrel was. San Lorenzo, Sori Tildin and Costa Russi could clear quite a number of prices away with his outstanding Barbaresco wines like Sori and Gaja reached glory and honour in the wine world for Angelo Gaja. Only at the vintage 1996 these wines appear under the DOC Langhe quality name and are a registered trademark of their own. Angelo Gaja acquired the wine-growing estate possession of his father and extended this under the premise of improving quality further within the years. He went away from the traditional Barolo and Barbaresco producers and realizes new ideas at his wine philosophy from France. Angelo Gaja introduced controlled fermenting temperatures just like biological acid transformation and new barriques for the development of his Barolo and Barbaresco wines. Moreover, Angelo Gaja grew the Cabernet and Chardonnay shoots on parts of his big estate. To extend his empire further, Angelo Gaja built up a very large wine importer with the name Castello di Barbaresco and further important Barolo vineyads positions as well as Cru acquired situations of other producers.

Angelo Gaja has not always made friends to itself with his innovations in the area of wine development and by the further acquisition of his empire. His methods do not find any echo at the traditional Barolo and Barbaresco producer and Angelo Gaja is very often criticized. Gaja could fend this off by high appraisals of the wine critics again and again, though and succeeds with his style untiringly. By the emerge of further new winegrowers the glory Angelo Gajas has decreased a little, however, one still finds many enthusiasts in the wine scene, straight at the parker of Youngers.

The best vintages of the Gaja wines were 1961, 1971, 1978, 1982, 1983, 1985, 1988, 1989 and a very good year 1990. 1996 and 1998 as well as 2005 sting out at the young ones!

Angelo Gaja – Barbaresco Sori San Lorenzo

 Sori San Lorenzo Wines are produced to 95 per cent of Nebbiolo and of 5 per cent Barbera. Gaja backs steel tanks at the vinified. The first week at 28 degrees and the further two weeks at 18 degrees centigrade. The development of the Sori San Lorenzo Barbaresco takes place one year in barriques and one year in large barrels. The Sori San Lorenzo is a very strict and firm wine. The experts even regard him as the strictest one among the Gaja wines. A very concentrated fructification as well as fine herb marks and mineral statements honour the Sori for San Lorenzo Barbaresco. He is accused of a very good ageing potential.

Angelo Gaja - Barbaresco Sori Tildin

 The Sori Tildin Barbaresco wines are produced to 95 per cent from Nebbiolo and 5 per cent Barbera. The development is just like the carried out Sori San Lorenzo Barbaresco in barriques and in a big barrel. The taste of the Gaja Sori Tildin reminds texture of the typical Barbaresco wines with a very round character and a full body more elegantly. He offers all advantages of the Nebbiolo grape and has an enormous ageing potential. Experts enjoy the Sori Tildin wines with over 40 years.

Angelo Gaja – Barbaresco Costa Russi

The Gaja Costa Russi Barbaresco of wines is likewise a blend from 95 per cent of Nebbiolo and 5 per cent of Barbera. The development resembles the two individual medleys Barbaresco wines of Gaja mentioned above. The Costa Russi Barbaresco shows the most elegant and most artful mark in the taste. The Costa Russi is very thick and complex with a maturity potential of several decades. Costa Russi wines are the perfect example for the Nebbiolo grape and a masterpiece of the Piemonteser producer Angelo Gaja.

Angelo Gaja – Barolo Sperss

The Barolo Sperrs is produced to 94 per cent from the Nebbiolo grape, Barbera Weintraube covers another 4 per cent. The development and the vinified orientates himself at the individual medleys very strongly - Barbarescos and one carries out also in small barriques. The Serralunga typical character bribes in the taste at the Sperrs Barolo. He is enormously strict with firm tannin and high acid extract. The Gaja Sperrs Barolo has a very like a man masculine charm with traces of liquorice, tar and truffle marks.

Angelo Gaja - Cabernet Sauvignon Darmagi

 The Darmagi therefore passes itself to 95 per cent from Cabernet Sauvignon, 3 per cent Merlot and 2 per cent Cabernet franc and oriented at the Bordelaiser winegrowers and the known chateaux like Lafite Rothschild, Mouton Rothschild, chateau Margaux, chateau Latour, chateau skin Brion or chateau Petrus. The development is carried out into small bordeaux-typical Barriques and one in a big barrel further year for 6 to 8 months. Reminds the Darmagi of the Bordeaux wines in the taste from Cabernet Sauvignon, he is impressive because of the typical Terroir of the Piemont, though. He has already thick to be drunk well within young years with fine Tanninen and terrific fruit, too. The Gaja Darmagi has a great potential just like the absolutly Nebbiolo wines and aging very for a long time can.

Hee now some tasting notice for the Gaja wines:

Angelo Gaja - Barbaresco Sori Tildin 1978
I was only blind at a Barbaresco Sori Tildin of Angelo Gaja 2006 over a younger rhone wine. So thick so fully, so for a long time and at this even a luxuriant one sweetens. Still massive to fruit and a certain freshness, terrific substance - 93/100 (well up: wineterminator.com Dr. Becker).

Angelo Gaja - Barbaresco 1985
95 points WS, *****(5) stars Broadbent

Angelo Gaja - Cabernet Sauvignon Darmagi 1985
A classic is Angelo Gajas Darmag. Since 1997 six times with real enthusiasm and constantly high appraisal tasted. Last in January 2005, no trace of age, still young, thick colour, grapy fruit, fine, mature tannin, much strength at the palate but also refinement, and this all with pleasant 12.5% alcohol - 95/100 (well up: wineterminator.com Dr. Becker).

Angelo Gaja - Barbaresco Sori Tildin 1989
Sori Tildin of Angelo Gaja had an astonishingly ripe colour, in the nose's clear breath of furniture polish but also a little tobacco, cigar-box, and wilted roses in 2006. Did not extend in the glass but reduced. An actually too ripe wine on the way down. The fruit always disappeared more, the bitter tannin remained - 92/100. Well one bottle fault. Because another bottle was simple way sensationally in 2008. Very close color without age, already the nose showed a magnificent force and abundance, massively a tar and dark fruits, in addition, a very herbage aromatic, at the palates massif a tannin and an acid stand, whereby the acid softly and the tannin are amazingly ripe. A very complex, thrilling wine, such a kind of mixture of Lafleur and La mission with a shot Vega Sicilia Unico. He is part for certain of the best one which I have drunk from this region till now – 97/100 100 (well up: wineterminator.com Dr. Becker).

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