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Chateau D´ Yquem


Chateau D’Yquem is noted for his outstanding sweet wine under the wine drinkers in the whole world. The wine-growing estate is a resident in a little place in Bordeaux, name Sauternes, a dulcet and brilliant name for sweet wines. Chateau Yquem was classified as premier grand Cru Classé Supérieur at the classification of the Bordelais in 1855 as the only Sauternes wine-growing estate. This shows the rum of D’Yquem also at the time then. Chateau was and is D'Yquem the perfect example for sweet wine from noble foul grapes away centuries.

Jacques De acquired sow vaguely the wine-growing estate chateau D'Yquem of the French crown in 1593. The first harvest should therefore have been carried out after traditions in 1594 on the vineyards of Yquem. As late Françoise de Sauvage and Louis Amade Lur Saluces a godfather son of Ludwig XV, married, arrived the Chateau D´Yquem in possession of the count sex Lur Saluces. Until some years ago Comte Alexandre de Lur Saluces led the wine-growing estate chateau D’Yquem at the apex with bravado, few years ago he then said goodbye into the well-deserved retirement. However controls and continues to advise in the background the interests of the Chateau D ´Yquem with its infinite knowledge and commitment.

The wine vintage on Chateau D ´ Yquem is a completely special procedure. The berries still exclusively by hand read and also only then if this endows completely with the noble rot Botrytis is. Like this it is not rare for Yquem on chateau that up to 10 read operations are necessary for a vintage. Only the grapes which are good and ripe and strewed with botrytis are reaped and reprocessed again and again. So the quality claim becomes the owner of the chateau d'Yquem kept and further fully developed. Moreover, no wine is d'Yquem produced within weak years and the complete harvest good devalued on chateau. So it is not chateau wines generally over the decades, as in the case of others. A wine of chateau having Yquem. This happened in the years 1964, 1972, 1974 and 1992. Devalued in 1977 and 1978 up to 75 per cent of the read property and only very few bottles of the Chateau D ´ Yquem came on the market. The profit on chateau is this for Yquem very low '. He amounts to only nine hectolitres per hectare. A single vine on chateau Yquem therefore yields approximately a glass of wine, this reflects the effort in the production best. The annual production on Chateau Yquem lies with approximately 90,000 bottles, compared to Chateau Lafite Rothschild, Chateau Mouton Rothschild or Chateau Latour is this a clearly smaller output.

The best vintages of the Comte Lur Saluces

Within the last 200 years quite a number of outstanding wines were produced on chateau d'Yquem. The vintage best in opinion of the Comte of Yquem ever produced is the 1811s. The weather, the harvest and the cellar work played into the hands of the owners then in 1811 and a millennium wine was produced. The today's owner on D´Yquem expresses itself often with restraint over older classes, like:“ " It depends on the situation very much as of and like delicately my palate is “ … " I love old Sauternes particularly if they defy the time." He secretly keeps, however, mature Sauternes, plants for the perfect example of elegance and refinement. The vintages 1945, 1947 and 1949 were fantastic, a very good wine was produced on chateau D'Yquem, the years 1975, 1976, 1988 and 1990 were apex plants with a long ageing potential in 1967. Very good even older years on chateau Yquem were another 1893, the legendary 1900s, a terrific 1928 and one century Yquem wines from the year 1921.

A final quotation of the Comte: "A Château d' Yquem must with the nose, which palates and the whole soul are seized, it must smelled, tasted and loved be. Who does, will recognize, what this wine was, which it is and which it will always be - a mystery."

Here now some tasting notice fort he Chateau D´Yquem wine:

Château D´ Yquem 1811
The bottle of 1811 Yquem which I was allowed to drink in summer 2005 was real in every case. However, still invigorate brilliant colour into the brownish outgoing, creamy texture, not unpleasant strictness, beautiful bitter mark, sweetens fine caramel, is mistaken. His age can not deny but what this almost immortal wine legend still brings after almost 200 years is more than impressive. Of course one could dissect this wine after any presentation of colour over palates and nose, around him then someplace in the 10 to put point scale in order now. I can do and would like that not. One must see such a wine as a kind synthesis of the arts, for which different one than 100/100 are not attached (well up: wineterminator.com Dr. Becker).

Château D´ Yquem 1918
The evening humidity slowly crept highly. Time for a last drink on the terrace and a following move. A great, noble sweet wine flowed with brilliant mahogany colour in our glasses. My friend Philippe from France was sure quite fast there: this is a great, old d'Yquem. He lay just right. 1918, Yquem stood there in a Vandermeulen filling in front of us. Wonderful nose with beeswax and honey tones, the classic orange bitter mark, Crême Brulée, unbelievably balances not seeming old or really superannuated at all but still very alive harmoniously and slimly at the palate in the positive sense, a timeless monument – 97/100 (well up: wineterminator.com Dr. Becker).

Château D´ Yquem 1921
Also in Sauternes a legend was caused - Yquem - and much fines wines. I have experienced the Yquem 1995 really greatly more dark freshly at colour very clear to it, beautiful mocha/coffee nose, only once, firm and pleasant acid on a hopeful way to the next millennium. Several further bottles on large samples were it simply not. Times a suberose bottle still strong acid, but little Boytritis and sweet one had 1993, in addition unpleasantly sourer aftertaste. Other bottles were then simply too old or smacked of everything, only not of 21 Yquem. There are two main problems as in the case of many wine legends there. On the one hand these wines whether their high price are frequently falsified. Where written stands for 21 Yquem, are not therefore still long 21 Yquem in it. On the other hand, Yquem and Mouton are part of the most travelled wines of this world. If you get such a much-traveled bottle with 12 previous owners, one hundred times proudly shown and on mantelpieces presented, then you permit these better and keep the illusion. These are not the contents any more (well up: wineterminator.com Dr. Becker).

Château D´ Yquem 1947
Wine Spectator: 97/100 (05-1999) A refined Yquem blending wonderful finesse and terrific power. From a very good and famous vintage, this '47 is rich, ripe and sweet, yet more elegant than the '45. Offers caramel and tropical notes, racy botrytis-spiked acidity and a long, clean finish.--Yquem vertical. Drink now through 2050 - Michael Broadbent: 5***** (09-1998) First tasted in 1954:::: 'incomparable, luscious', and 14 times since. Never a poor bottle. Perfect, glowing amber-gold with apple-green rim; bouquet -well, the usual thing only more so, yet totally harmonious; still remarkably sweet, mouthfilling with a singed hot-vintage character.

Château D´ Yquem 1967
From Sauternes I drank from the large, long-lived class 1967 „only “Yquem, for it however already several times. A great Sauternes and a wine secure life expectancy undoubtedly for even more decades. Messes up but the great German noble sweet have me well. The very luxuriantly equipped, firm Yquem does not come to the perfect sweet acid game to this. Constantly gives to 95-96/100 (well up: wineterminator.com Dr. Becker).

Château D´ Yquem 1971
Parker N° Bordeaux Book 1998 (01.01.1998) : 92 Trinkreife : 1990-2010 This is an outstanding Yquem, but I have been plagued by bad bottles in tastings, which I hope is only attributable to poor storage and handling. The top bottles exhibit plenty of ripe, concentrated tropical fruit and botrytis. Full bodied, deep golden in color, with a spicy, caramel, toasted roti, fat flavor, this big, rich wine is developing quickly for an Yquem. Although irrefutably outstanding, this may be a slightly overrated vintage for Yquem. - Wine Spectator: 93/100 (05-1999) A celebrated vintage--a beautiful wine. Thick, rich and dense, with banana, tropical, dried fig flavors. The texture is creamy and the balance is marvelous.--Yquem vertical. Best after 2010. (PM)

Château D´ Yquem 1976
Yquem was almost youthfully, a fantastic Sauternes, not, still fresh as fatly as 67 with fine acid, wonderful nose with honey and exotic fruits, great and long future, in 1987 – 95/100. Almost 20 years later 2006 he still showed no ages. The colour gets slowly a little darker. Very beautiful nose with dried apricots and the bitter, English marmalade. Crême Brulée in perfection and fine bitter marks powerfully more terrifically, easily sweetens caramel at the palate. A great sweet wine which still has his best times in front of himself – 95/100 (well up: wineterminator.com Dr. Becker).

Château D´ Yquem 1977
Robert Parker : 85/100 (Ed 1998) In what was a miserable vintage, Yquem managed to produce a toasty, ripe, pineapple, buttery-scented wine with a predominate oaky character. Seventy percent of the crop was eliminated in 1977, and the result is a wine that may well turn out to be almost as good as the underrated 1973.

Château D´ Yquem 1988
The sunny autumn granted the winegrowers a good sweet wine year in the Sauternes which cannot compete with 89 and 90, though. Yquem still was shut oneself off properly with bright colour in 1995. He presented himself considerably more openly and more accessibly with a fine, a little herbal honey nose, exotic fruits and good acid, a good but no great D'Yquem, in 2001 at the wine summit in Arosa – 92/100. 2007 still something it appeared with restraint last also in this evening with rauchiger nose, honey and many herbs. Species locked in his currently almost a little filigree with beautiful length – 93+/100 (well up: wineterminator.com Dr. Becker).

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