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Dom Perignon

If wine enthusiasts talk about champagne, the name Dom Perignon very fast on her lips. This noble limonade of the company Moet et Chandon is the perfect example of the luxury good and with the beautiful and rich this world everywhere very much wishes. A vintagechampagne like the Cuvee Dom Perignon is produced only within outstanding years and is durable despite a popular opinion very long. A champagne like the Dom Perignon absolutely needs a bottle ageing of 10 years and longer.

The house bought Hautviller's abbey deserted at this time and her vineyards for Moët & Chandon in 1823. Later in 1930, Moët & Chandon acquired Mercier's brand name Dom Pérignon not used yet and brought out the prestige Cuvée Dom Pérignon in 1936. However, the first genuine Cuvée arose only in 1943. The best classes Dom Perignon are probably 1949, then 1959, 1961, 1962, 1971, a mad 1976 and 1982, an outstanding 1990 and a sensational class 1996.

Moet et Chandon produced beside the Cuvee Dom Perignon still another Rosé champagne of name Dom Perignon Rosé, which in the comparison to „the normal “cathedral Perignon seems to be more exclusive and still expensive. Definitely the socialites and filmstars from Miami drink the Dom Perignon rose for every occasion. Wine critics like Michael Broadbent rather prefer the classic Cuvée Dom Perignon, though and usually give this a higher appraisal. Moet et Chandon returns bottles decorated moreover from time to time freshly with the name "Moét et Chandon Cuveé Dom Perignon Oenotheque". These cannot be surpassed in exclusiveness in comparison with the Dom filled per default very expensively for Perignon, however. The house Moet et Chandon guarantees the quality and the storage of the bottles here. The risk of the bottle storage is therefore excluded.

Fame attained the champagne brand of Dom Perignon also by the James bond films. A cinematic quotation from gold finger in 1964 is as follows: " One never drinks for example a 53s Dom Pérignon when he has a temperature above 8 degrees. This would be exactly so as if one listens to the Beatles without earmuffs!" In many further films the well-known label Dom Perignon emerges and gladly in scene is again and again set.

Even further Luxuscuvées of the Champagne are next to Dom Perignon on the market. Among other things these are Laly the Roederer Cristal, the Veuve Cliquot Cuvée's La grand Dame, the Krug of Clos de Mesnil, a Taittinger Cuvée Comtes de Champagne blanc de blanc, Perrier-Jouet - Cuvée belle époque and the Heidsieck monopole, Champagne, to call diamond Blue'vintage around only some.


Here now some tasting notice of Dom Perignon Champagnern

Moet & Chandon Cuvée Dom Perignon 1947
Of course gave in 1947 also big champagner. A Dom Perignon was standard with still good Mousseux non-disturbing well-seasoned taste considerably noticeably, however, caramel, a wine experience on 96/100 in 1992. Like twice 1993. Last then 1997 strong darkyellow, easily oxidative nose, clear Firne, but not unpleasantly, very fine, clearly noticeable Mousseux, caramel tones, winy, long outlet, carried of good acid. All Dom perignons mind you not RD´s, but old originals! Still fascinating 1997 not quite on this high standard, however (well up: wineterminator.com Dr. Becker).

Moet & Chandon Cuvée Dom Perignon 1961
Dom Perignon is part of the best champagnes from this volume. You can do nothing wrongly of course with a bottle directly of the domain decorated freshly in which something is lost of the charm of older champagnes, though. I prefer therefore original, old bottles and seize, if it should be the tingling, fresh Champagner. Experience, rather equal to a recent class. Already more frequently I experienced also a up-poured older champagne with younger, in order to refurbish this. I regard this as considerable feeble-mindedness. Imagine 62 Mouton, refreshed with a shot 2000s. 1994 had my first Dom Perignon no strong Mousseux more, but a mad nose and were convincing and long in the outlet– 94/100. He had a ripe, firm colour, beautiful bread tones, one fine perly, beautiful Mousseux, great champagne, in 2001 – 95/100 (well up: wineterminator.com Dr. Becker).

Moet & Chandon Cuvée Dom Perignon 1970
Good champagne year with firm wines. The search is still worthwhile there. I have drunk Dom Perignon 1993 as RD on a Dom test in the lobster little room, a very firm champagne, strong Mousseux, very fresh, honey tones, crust, at the same time, only once till now muscles and charm secures still one pleasure– 95/100 (well up: Wineterminator.com Dr. Becker).

Moet & Chandon Cuvée Dom Perignon 1980
- Robert Parker : 96/100 (12-1993) - Wine Spectator: 94/100 (09-1986) Really lives up to its reputation; rich and toasty like the Doms of old. Dry and full-bodied, pale gold in color, with fine, slow bubbles, smelling of fresh bread dough and toast. Highly extracted, lemony, toasty, smooth, elegant, clean and crisp, with very good acidity and balance. Long finish.

Moet & Chandon Cuvée Dom Perignon 1983
Appraisal Broadbent: Dom Perignon Stylistic the 1982s completely opposite, soft, sweet (I990). »breathy«, half dry, nice (on the domain de Chevalier I994 in Bordeaux). Lately: pinpointly fine blister; beautiful nose; fine, good length. In February 1996 with Adrian Miles in Lyford Cay tasted ****

Moet & Chandon Cuvée Dom Perignon 1988
Excellent Dom Perignon which has a tremendous ageing potential. That worked already 1996 in Rome at Heinz Becks 30. Birthday at all strength very accessible with soft, creamly texture 94/100. Simply move 2003 on a test's roasted hazelnuts ripely, creamily wonderfully - 94/100. In last summer 2006 actually still far too young. A large champagne with mad structure, which only in 5 years and to it correctly points, what in it is - 93+/100 (well up: Wineterminator.com Dr. Becker).

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