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Vintage wines as a present for a special occasion are always a terrific and unique present. Vintage wines are popular for the golden or silver wedding. It is simply nice to call the impressions of his anniversary vintage for the person given presents to by the vintage wine in memory again. Vintage wines are also very popular with company anniversaries. Celebrating the date of the company formation or a milestone in the development of the operation with a high-quality Bordeaux wine and is a terrific experience to think back to the beginnings for certain for the manage. Wine lovers or also laymen in the area surely agree, class wines always somewhat the nostalgic, devoutly explain.

There are vintage wines for wine dealers and wine mail order businesses sorting well. At the choice of the vintage wines a counselling is extremely important. If it should be a very old vintage wine, the durability and the pleasure maturity as well as the quality level of the wine must be discussed. There are storable wines but plants to be drunk also young. These wine bottles are less then suitable for a long stay in the wine cellar of dealers or private persons. If the buyer liked to select a vintage wine which exceeds an age of 20 years, if one should limit the choice to the high-quality producers and wine cultivable areas. Bordeaux is possible as country of origin here of course, Burgundy with the storable red Burgundians, old cash lot, Barbarescos and Brunellos from Italy but also German wines from the Rhine district or of the Moselle. The quality step should be taken into consideration exactly in the choice of the vintage wines from Germany, though. There is the type of vine as a critical factor. Only the type of vine ageing capably is almost Riesling in Germany well, extended noble sweetly of course. The quality categories high quality German white wine and late vintage should be chosen less if it is an old vintage wine. Improves selections, wines of selected grapes and dry wines of selected grapes are suitable because these show an enormous ageing potential. 50 years are hardly an age for a German wine of selected grapes, dry wines of selected grapes surely last for 100 years and more.

A critical success factor at the choice of a good vintage wine is the storage of this wine in his history. A wine cellar with maximum temperatures of 16 degrees and an atmospheric humidity of 70 per cent is the ideal place for the custody of the vintage wines. One also cannot always compare the vintages with each other. If an anniversary falls on a vintage wine which is judged without exception as bad in the viniculture regions, the choice is difficult. For example the class wines were from 1958 or 1968 and 1969 rather weakly, in the year 1958 can one however well on an old Barolo evade and in 1969 in Burgund outstanding class wines were produced. One sees, many factors are considered to be able to enjoy the consumption of the vintage wines without waking up badly. A good counselling at the purchase of the vintage wines is therefore imperative and should be part of the daily routine with a well sorted wine dealer.

If you look for very old vintage wines, ports and Madeira wines are also considered. These have an even longer ageing potential. Ports are therefore suitable for the choice of good vintage wines in particular in front of 1940. One can unhesitatingly buy and enjoy old ports from the middle of the 19th century. Madeira wines exist this very day from that to 18. Century and in the past. Class wines and wine rare pieces are also the noble-sweet Sauternes of plants such as Chateau D ´Yquem or Chateau Rieussec or Chateau Grillon. If the celebrator was still born in a century wine year, do not fell the choice heavily. 1945 Lafite a Rothschild, 1959 Chateau a Latour or 1985 Domaine a Romanée Conti - Romanée Conti as class wine to give away is a mad thing. Also the 1955 Chateau Mouton Rothschild and the 1961 Chateau Petrus are very popular in the wine world. However, the vintage wines from the wine year 1900, one of the best years of the last 200 years, are rare.

Gives the vintage wines bargains and good offers to this one again and again and one can acquire a vintage wine already as of 50 euros. If it does not always have to be the great name, the choice of a vintage wine is even simpler.

You find a great choice of vintage wines and wine rarities from all viniculture regions of the world at the wine dealer Jahrhundertweine.de with illustrated supply and a wine choice from the vintage 1850 until today's time. Stands to a competent selection of the class wines therefore nothing more in the way.

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