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The fill level


The wine enthusiast understands the height of the air-fluid level by the filling standard in a wine bottle. The renunciation of a right between corks and filling standard is very small at bottles filled newly, in the course of the storage it then comes to a partly insignificant decline by the evaporation due to the never one hundred per cent thick connection between nature corks and neck of a bottle, as a rule because alone the cork of highest quality is not elastic completely.

The probability of an evaporation is considerably lower at a professional storage as well as at a high-quality cork. Within the first 10 years no considerable ullage should appear.

Here the technical descriptions to the filling standard.

  • Filling levels at Bordeaux bottles:
  • „High Fill“ (“h.f.“) – no-one recognizing ullage more visibly.
  • „Into Neck“ (“i.n.“) or „Base Neck“ (“b.n.“) - mean that the wine mirror still has the same breadth as in the case of the filling.
  • „High Shoulder“ (“h.s.“) or „Top Shoulder“ (“t.s.“) - The mirror widens himself easily. However acceptable for wines those older than 20 years are.
  • „Upper Shoulder“ (“u.s.“) or „High Mid Shoulder“ (“h.(t.)m.s.“) - Point between "high" and " mid shoulder“. Regular for an over 30-year wine.
  • „Mid Shoulder“ (“m.s.“) – Filling level in the center of the bottle shoulder, where she changes slowly into the vertical. Natural decline with over 40-year wines.
  • „Low Shoulder“ (“l.s.“) – The end of the shoulder. This filling standard is acceptable with rare and sought-after top-quality wines.
  • „Below Shoulder“ (“b.s.“) – High risk for oxidation.

At other bottle forms, such as Burgundian, Riesling etc., the description is difficult using the shoulder form. The filling level is measured by the renunciation of a right of the liquid standard to the bottom edge of the cork here. Besides it is to be marked that in the special with Burgundern the filling level of a bottle has substantially different logical value than for example with a Bordeaux wine. So a filling level of 7 cm only indicates a proportionately low risk over an over 50-year-old red Burgundian. A filling standard less than 5 cm is excellent for such a wine.