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Chateau Cheval Blanc


Chateau Cheval Blanc is a well known wine-growing estate in Bordeaux, exact in the appeal St. Emilion. St. Emilion lies to the area of the Pomerol in a direct neighbourhood where also the resident of chateau Petrus is. Cheval Blanc is beside the Chateau Ausone an only Prime Minister Grand Cru Classé A of the appellattion St. Emilion. Chateau Cheval Blanc is with 37 hectares of a quite small good, this harms, however, the quality of the wines not at all. Cheval Blanc is regarded as one of the most popular Bordeaux wines of refinement highest of all. Wine enthusiasts of the complete world swear on the inimitable character of the Cheval Blanc wines caused by the high Cabernet franc share in the Cuvée. Just within great years like 1947, 1959 and 1961, very ageing capable and extremely complex wines which received maximum appraisals of the wine experts were produced on chateau Cheval Blanc. The up to seven metres thick gravel layers which the river Isle has led up from the central massif in the Günz ice age take effect as rare unusual feature in the geography and topology of chateau Cheval Blanc. Through this the wine gets his typical and special Terroir of Cheval Blanc. Beside Chateau Cheval Blanc are on this small region also to Châteaux La route Figeac, Chateau Figeac and La Dominique. All these goods are also known and rare chateau wines on a high quality step.

The average age of the vines on Cheval Blanc is about 40 years what a good protection represents toward dryness periods. Also within a little weaker years in which nature causes difficulties in other Bordeaux wine cultivable areas, a terrific soft and balanced wine is produced on chateau Cheval Blanc. He shines by beautiful fruit flavours, balanced tannin and a long passing. Cheval Blanc passes Cabernet Sauvignon to 60!!! per cent from Cabernet franc, 37 per cent Merlot, 2 per cent Malbec and 1 per cent. Per annum, chateau Cheval Blanc only produces about 10,000 boxes of his wine which leads to a natural shortage and high prices for a Cheval Blanc. The wines were always Cheval Blanc a little more favourably than names like chateau Lafite Rothschild, chateau Latour, chateau skin Brion or Mouton Rothschild, on chateau in the past, though. Unfortunately, the demand for wines from St. Emilion and Pomerol has increased by the outstanding vintages of the last time and Cheval Blanc profits by increasing subscription prices just for the century vintages 2000 and 2005. A second wine is also produced on chateau Cheval Blanc with the name Le Petit Cheval. This is undoubtedly very good in quality and price. A purchase tip for all wine enthusiasts !

The wine-growing estate Cheval Blanc belongs to Mr Bernard Arnaud, his sign owners of the luxury chain LVMH, in today's time. Beside Chateau Cheval Blanc belongs to the LVMH chain also the sweet wine legend Chateau d´ to Yquem. Chateau Cheval Blanc does not possess a splendid and stately property like comparable Chateau of wines of Bordeaux, on the contrary it captivates by its special myth, caused by the sensational classes 1947 (the best Cheval Blanc of all times), 1982 (99 points of the wine Pope Robert Parker) and a fantastic year of 1998.

Here now some tasting notice for the Chateau Cheval Blanc wines:

Chateau Cheval Blanc 1921

I was allowed to drink the Cheval Blanc from wonderful Magnums three times, last in May 1999 on Willi Krählings of great Cheval Blanc test. A very thick, firm wine with terrific aromatic and more beautifully sweet. Nearly in the same league of the Petrus with sensational Bouquet and more intensively sweet one, first 1993 on walter self-set of Petrus sample drunk and afterwards still several times in very beautiful like around (well up: Dr. Becker).

Chateau Cheval Blanc 1945

Winespectator WS 95/100: Generous, ripe and chewy, very pretty from start to finish, supple and nicely rounded, glowing with plum, raspberry and spice flavors that remain gentle and elegant. Heady, somehow remaining elevated and elegant throughout.--1945 horizontal.

I could me never feel enthusiastic till now for the Cheval Blanc of 1945, volatile acid always too much for it had. But we had caught a very good exemplar of this time, too. This bottle also had clearly acid carrying a firm but tied well. A very fine, finesse wine, which went down completely undeservedly between this giants somewhat – 96/100 (well up: Dr. Becker).

Chateau Cheval Blanc 1947

One of the 47s wine legends is Cheval Blanc. Since the beginning of the fifties this wine has been drinkable and provided with his luxuriant one since then, porty species again and again for sensation. Meanwhile, unfortunately, there are not only travelled too much widely bottles and forgeries on a massive scale. To this Cheval Blanc begins in all bottles which were not stored very well over long time in a cellar to be weak. My most beautiful bottles were a Vandermeulen filling, unbelievably deep, firm colour which rather reminded to a 82s than to a 45 years old wine, in 1992. Reminding thick of port meatily very long and once again a class already gave the best note for 47s Margaux better than this one 100/100 - and 1993 a perfect chateau filling on our century test. Afterwards numerous came like around, for which simply the faith is missing to me, up to 1997 on a large sample to 50. of a wine friend, restrained nose, like my VDM´s at the palate portig, very strong color, closely, concentrated, not the class earlier Cheval 47er, but surely more honestly - 96/100. (well up: Dr. Becker).

Chateau Cheval Blanc 1953

Gigantic also Cheval Blanc. Already frequently drunk from various bottle formats and of the most different bottlers with great enthusiasm. In 2000 half a bottle went easily one better on the 55s once again again and altogether seemed even younger, Cheval Blanc in perfection, insanity – 99/100. I have put different Cheval-Blanc filling in a test 3 against each other in 2003. To beginning Dalamier was the greatest one but with the time the chat water filling came better and better, Vandermeulen, the eternal 2 on very high standard, easy exotically, all 3 very big wines. Last 2006 from 1/2 bottle with not perfect "us" level which I did not trusted to decant. And purely in the glass therefore opened. This almost deprived us of the great Cheval Blanc pleasure. A firm, boisterous wine came into the glass with thick, young colour there, locked apart from a clear mildew tone in the nose. He did not sing also at the palate. This changed only after some time. The wine extended unbelievably in the glass, the classic, addicted developed softening Cheval Blanc nose, sweetens a fine and one rushes about, printingfull aromatic. 88/100 turned into 92/100, then 95/100, then 96/100 and the glass was then empty. It would have well got still more. The 53s Cheval Blanc is an insanity wine, still with an unbelievable potential (well up: Dr. Becker).

Chateau Cheval Blanc 1961

A very big wine experience can be Cheval Blanc. He did not take second place behind 61 Latour with terrific colour in 1997 in a 61s test, very present tannin, large substance at the beginning of his development, thick, easy porty extensive, in the direction of the extra-worldly 47s - 99/100. On similar level also 1999 on Willi Krählings of large Cheval Blanc sample. Seeming even even younger here from the Magnum. Without question thus a wine with large future - if the bottle is ok (well up: Dr. Becker).

Chateau Cheval Blanc 1959

Again and again, I am fascinated of with what ease ages Cheval Blanc. Well, there are bottles also which are badly stored and maltreated. But whoever carefully handles his Chevals enjoys it extremely long. Two half bottles acquired in Belgium were the best example of it. These were great wines with much strength and more lovely sweet both in 1995 and in 1997 – 96/100. Sensationally then the wine 1999 on Willi Krählings of large Cheval Blanc sample, power color, coffee tones, in addition, strong acid, candied sweet one (Crême Brulée), a wine to chewing, which hardly stops at the palate– 98/100. My so far best bottle of then 2006 on the great Cheval Blanc test on the Stromburg. Cheval Blanc like from the picture book, very fine with more paint umpteen sweetens. At this unbelievable elegance and refinement, a crazy, single wine which does not stop at the palate anymore – 100/100 (well up: Dr. Becker).

Chateau Cheval Blanc 1982

Cheval Blanc was regarded as one of the superstars. I have been allowed to drink this wine for certain of well 2 dozen. On clear 100/100, I have euphorically experienced him just as also locked. Unfortunately several times also in clearly falsified bottles, in which everything, only no Cheval Blanc was. A great caution is therefore announced at the follow-up purchase! The Cheval Blanc was great at the end of 80s, beginning of the nineties. He then started to shut himself off. 1993 on the giant test in the Caveau giant disappointment, nose away, strength away, opulence away. Afterwards several further disappointments. 1999 double magnum a fine but still damned on Willi Krählings of great Cheval Blanc test young and locked, one could which recognize the tremendous potential, however. – 95/100. In the same year in a 82s test from the 1/1 crazily sweet and extract density, the wine of the Flights, a highlight of the evening – 100/100. Also three times out very in time bottles a perfect 100/100 experience decanted 2001. Seeming again a little locked in 2004. I would become (and become!) being one more couple of years glad for it to have Cheval Blanc in the cellar. So he got out quite slowly of his snail shell on the great Cheval Blanc test in 2006 again. This is an enormous condensed extract with a sweet extract, hard fruit, with an unbelievable density, abundance, and strength, 96/100 were in the glass there in this evening. Last 2007 again a strange bottle, Cheval Blanc were probably in it, but surely no 82er(well up: Dr. Becker).

Chateau Cheval Blanc 1986

Rene Gabriel (Bordeaux Total): „Enormous, male wine; very thick and rich structure. Certain parallels authorize the masculine structure of this meaty wine with the vintage 1975 out of the same house. This 86s Cheval is only vinified considerably better. In any case I assess the potential as enormous and a brilliant pleasure maturity will stand up here only against 2005. If the colour can be a certain arbitrary indication for this claim, then I notice that this has hardly changed within the last ten years.’’

Chateau Cheval Blanc 1989

Parker 89 Punkte: Since its bottling, the 1989 has frequently been disappointing. In this tasting, it showed better than it has over the last several years. The 1989 is not a great effort for this chateau. The color is already revealing an amber edge, and the lead pencil, cedar, spicy, black fruit, and vanillin-scented nose is more reminiscent of a young Lafite, than the exotic style associated with Cheval Blanc in a hot, dry, ripe year. This medium weight, lightly tannic wine is very approachable.