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Chateau Margaux

Chateau Margaux has struggled with chateau Lafite Rothschild for the first rank among the 1s Cru Classe plants of the Bordeaux wine cultivable area already for centuries. The chateau Margaux is located the complete estate with all vineyards at the Gironde in the municipality of Margaux. The area under cultivation contains 99 hectares, how the chateau is 87 hectares for red wine reserved of this. A very good ‘so – called’ ‘’second wine’’ also is produced on chateau Margaux like also with Lafite Rothschild. The Pavillion Rouge du chateau Margaux is a terrific Bordaux wine and in good vintages on a very high quality level established. The Pavillion Rouge du chateau Margaux is considerably less than 100 euros the Grand Cru Classe wine of chateau Margaux.

Historically, seen chateau Margaux was already mentioned documentarily in the 15th century. One exactly can not define the date, through, the property between 1572 and 1582 lay with Pierre de Lestonnac, though. By a marriage in 1654 chateau Margaux to the Bordelaiser family Pontac which conducted the questions of ownership of property of chateau skin Brion at that time, too came. Difficult times experienced the good carried very continuous and lasting until there during the time of the French revolution. Chateau Margaux was confiscated to then be bought back to the family short time later, of the last heiress with luck and dexterity. Driven by the high debtses from the last difficult years the wine-growing estate Margaux went to the Basque Colonilla in 1804, which also 1816 built the splendid and known chateau Margaux in today’s shape.

Within the following years the chateau Margaux was handed by the hands of bankers and business houses, till 1921 was set up a Public limited company with the name Societe vinicole de chateau Margaux. It then came again to a property bill of exchange on chateau Margaux in 1977, the Greek Andre Mentzelopoulos bought the wine-growing estate for about 72 million francs. Within the following years the new owner advised by the well known oenologist Emile Peynaud invested larger sums in cellars and vineyard. This take-over and this conditioned new investments brought a new swing to chateau Margaux and put an important turning point in the long history of chateau Maragaux. In the year 2003 Corinne Mentzelopoulos then took the 75 per cent share of the heirs of Giovanni Agnelli for valued 350 m. euros.

The best vintages of the last centuries on Chateau Margaux were 1787 , 1900 (one of the best red Bordeaux wines at all !), 1945, 1947, 1961, 1982, 1983, 1986, 1990 and 2005. Moreover, it is not right, that as maintain by connoisseurs of wine and enthusiasts and Critics, the vintages after the war below average out many of chateau Margaux. The family Ginestet produced very good wines with a terrific ageing potential. Today’s price’s of subscription are enclosed in the chateau Margaux wine at over 600 euros. Especially the so-called century vintage of 2005, represents a milestone for chateau Margaux. The wines of chateau Margaux are very popular in Moscow just with the Russian businesses in today’s time, but also Asians like to drink the Margaux wine for solemn occasions.

Here now some notes for the tasting Chateau Margaux Wines:

Château Margaux 1900
The surely largest 1900er and one the largest wine monuments of all times are Margaux. Three times I was allowed to cost this wine legend so far. 1993 on our century test, 1994 on the great test in the country house Bacher in the Wachau and 2000 on my own rarity test. Every time this wine made me speechless with his terrific flavour. I have been last in 2000: the quintessence of red wine which flavours shoot of the glass, Roasting flavours more unbelievably, perfectly matured, timeless wine, which sets indications100/100!!! Very much at that time, as a good wine friend, even winegrower of international reputation, the Margaux with tears in the eyes, has me impressed very much. With which humility such a leading winegrower approached this wine monument, this made itself thoughtful.(well up: wineterminator.com Dr. Becker).

Château Margaux 1926
Broadbent: Entries from the middle of 1970s by the end of the 1980s, constantly good with the matchless Margaux fragrance which developed in the glass. Corresponding taste. Rich but delicate. Last on Desais tasting in May 1987 in Los Angeles appraises. ***** (5) stars

Château Margaux 1947
One of the tall stars of the vintage is Margaux in the Vandermeulen filling. 1994 on the Margaux test in the country house Bacher, the strength and the splendor ! Solid, concentrated substance, porty, coffee, explosion at the palate and very long - 100/100. Over 30 test’s of tasting from the last 10 years. Always completely in front with it. Several sensational neck and neck duels with Conseillante on 100 points standard, last 2003. 2006 on a sample again fantastically herbages flavours with much mint, unbelievably closely and strongly at the palate with more madly sweet ones and mad length, a giant – 100/100. At the end of of 2006 needed that only somewhat locked working Margaux air, darker color than the Conseillante, clearly more agency, drunk in the comparison, built in the glass spectacularly out, closely, strong, bloom without end, malty, cream, unbelievable length, surely still potential for 20 of more years – 100/100. 2007 several times a except-worldly giant with sweet ones, abundance, opulence, in addition, perfect structure and still tannins100/100. A wine which still has potential for at least a decade. (well up: winterminator.com Dr. Becker)

Château Margaux 1959
Very well Margaux developed, beginning an underestimated wine, which adds ever more. In 1994 he had a young colour from a perfect Nicola's bottle and simply still seemed too young with his present tannins – 93/100. One year later a perfect, riper bottle in the Sonora – 95/100. Last 2001 in a sample against skin Brion only 2nd winner, but on which for a level! A considerably weaker bottle of 2007 on René Gabriels of great Margaux test. Quite obligingly the nose with more finely sweet ones and cocoa beans in bitter chocolate, but at the palate was missing for a 1er Cru from such a year simply the appropriate concentration and structure – 91/100 (well up: wineterminator.com Dr. Becker).

Château Margaux 1979
A great success in 1979 is Margaux. Since my first meeting in 1988 in Hanover this silky, elegant wine has fascinated me with his fine, red grapy fruit again and again. Asses mostly with 92-94/100. Outliers upward were 2000 perfect a bottle, fantastic nose, also at the palate Margaux in perfection, flossy, very long - 96/100. Last twice 2007, very elegantly, fine-fluffily, red berry like, rather slimmer, more filigreely, but very infatuated wine with flossy structure, to which 93/100 level will keep itself still longer (Quelle: wineterminator.com Dr. Becker).

Château Margaux 1983
Parker N° 95 (01.10.1994) : 96 drinking ripe : -2030 Tasted 14 Times Since Bottling With Consistent Notes. The 1983 Margaux is a breathtaking wine. The Cabernet Sauvignon grapes achieved perfect maturity in 1983, and the result is an astonishingly rich, concentrated, atypically powerful and tannic Margaux. The color is dark ruby, the aromas exude ripe cassis fruit, violets, and vanillin oakiness, and the flavors are extremely deep and long on the palate with a clean, incredibly long finish. This will certainly be a monumental wine, but it remains stubbornly backward and at least a decade away from maturity.

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