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Domaine Romanee Conti


The probably most famous domaine in the Burgundy is the perfect example of the red Burgundian and bears the sonorous name domaine Romanee Conti (DRC). The enterprise lies east the place Nuits Saint Georges in the area of cultivation of wine of the Côte d´Or. The history the domaine Romanee Conti declines up to the Roman empire. Records go back up to the year 1232 in which the owner conditions were subject to a bill of exchange only nine times in this period of time. The vineyard Romanée was planted exclusively with Pinot-Noir type of vine by the monks to Staint-Vivant (Benedictine monks {monastics}) and, today, still has the same extents as at the time then. In the 17th century the interest of the noblemen in the vineyard condition and the property which led between Louis François of Bourbon-Conti and Mrs. de Pompadour in 1760 in a discussion started. The area Romanee fell to Louis François of Bourbon-Conti after that. As a result the prince added his name Conti of the vineyard condition and it came so to the expression Romanee Conti. The owner had the domaine Romanee Conti from 1760 up to the year 1793.

The domaine Romanée Conti in 1942, as a Mr. de Villaine, grandson of Mr. Davault who had the domaine from 1869 in the possession, which took management of the property experienced another milestone. At that time, he was not sole owner, though, one rather shared the domaine Romanee Conti with the family Leroy.

In the same decade one decided on a new cultivation of the all of the 18 hectares area. This one still was armed with unaltered vines until there. Due to far sinking yield to the conclusion only scarcely 500 bottles the owners of the domaine Romanée Conti decided in the year 1945 to the clearing and new cultivation. No wine of the monopoly situation Romanee Conti was therefore produced within the years 1946 to 1951. Before the last finite clearing of the vineyard plan Zen Buddhism material was taken. Hereby the situation of La Tâche was equipped, of from there exists the monopoly situation of La Tâche again today to three quarters from noble passengers of the situation of Romanée Conti. It is not exactly known today which vines were used for the new equipping of the Romanee Conti, Mr. Villaine assumes, however, that it must have been Riparia.

The domaine Romanée Conti has what leads to a total output of approximately 100,000 bottles per annum in the all of the 25 hectares vineyard conditions at the Côtes de Nuits and the Côte de Beaune. Under this all 6 grand Cru vineyard conditions Echezeaux, grands Echezeaux, Romanee St. Vivant, Richebourg and Romanée Conti as well as the very small share in Le Montrachet, the only white Burgundian from the Chardonnay grape of the domaine. The property of the domaine Romanée Conti is represented again in the following:

  1. La Tâche 6,0620 hectare Production : 1500 cases
  2. Richebourg 3,5110 hectare Production : 1000 cases
  3. Romanee St. Vivant 5,2858 hectare Production : 1500 cases
  4.  Echezeaux 4,6703 hectare Production : 1340 cases
  5. Grands Echezeaux 3,5263 hectare Production : 1000 cases
  6.  Romanee Conti 1,8050 hectare Production : 450 cases
  7.  Montrachet 0,6759 hectare Production : 250 cases

At this choice the La Tâche and the Romanée Conti are monopoly medleys of the domaine therefore she is the sole owner of the vineyard country.

The domaine de is the foreign exchange for La Romanee Conti open, that the producer shall be only a mediator between the ground and wine. A stepping in can be refrained if possible and recommended only in special cases. The vintner Aubert de Villaine expresses this as follows: „Nothing is more difficult but to sell simplicity; it would be the ideal to do nothing at all, this, however, is not possible.“ The barrels for the final maturation of the wines of the domaine Romanée Conti to which quality, however, is of benefit are replaced since the year 1975 per annum which of course leads to considerable expenditure. The high demand for French oak is the reason in 1979 that the domaine Romanee Conti gets the wood into management of one's own and provides the cooperage with it. The wood is from the woods of the Troncais and pays to the best ones on the market. During the filling one set in the past always on the ultra traditional kind, which follows in however to clear fluctuations between the bottles led. To basis its changed over the cellar master 1982 in agreement of the owners of the domaine Romanée Conti to unite and by the force of gravity fill up the wines in portions to in each case 5 barrel in high-grade steel tanks.

The wine-growing estate domaine de is La Romanee Conti surrounded by many myths and legends. Wine of the world produces an expensive one for it, if not the most expensive one. Straight one in the last years is inquires after wines of the domaine Romanée Conti in Asia strongly risen. To acquire a bottle of the legendary monopoly medley wine Romanee Conti, one must subscribe for a 12s cases and hope to get an allocation. It is hopelessly, more in bottles of the Romanée Conti wine to get hold of the subscription. Tasting notice of wine legends the domaine des reconciles La Romanee Conti followingly:

Here now some tasting notice for the Romanee Conti wines:

Domaine de La Romanée Conti – La Romanee Conti 1937
Broadbent: Romanee-Conti 1937 – A giant wine. I cost it for the first time to 1957 when eating with a customer, a fruit grower from Cheshire with a marvelous cellar. I quote mine tasting notice from band 3: » Great and black, strict and concentrated; sweetish, taste intensive. On the same step as the 1945s Mouton. Still at least further ten years well« (I was only five years in the wine business). Next 1972 with Christie' s, then seven years later with a meal in the meeting room of Christie' s: » Still rather deeply… in the nose overripe and game well-behaved, but of opulenter richness and… the taste seemed attractive to expand and in the glass always enriches to become.« Later a Magnum, which played than 60 red 1937er from Bordeaux with a Rodenstock wine weekend more formally to the wall: rather deep, warm, automn colour; ripe, rich, classic, Pinot-typical »red beetroot« bouquet fragrant, lasting; very »sweet«, substance and body rich. As in the case of the dance of the seven veils a bit more revealed itself with every careful breath and drink of this wine.

Domaine Romanée Conti – La Romanee Conti 1943
Appraisal Broadbent ****(4) stars: Still of unaltered vines. Original wax seal with coinage, label, marked cork, rather good Füllhöhe of 5 cm underneath the cork. Medium-pale colour, orange-coloured edge and reddish glimmer; after 30 minutes, later, one at first locked but healthily richly biscuitily meatily fully develops hour, a perfect old Pinot smell which faded after two hours; Considerably sweet, mature taste, perfect maturity, rather good length and attractive passing. From a very good private cellar in San Francisco, tasted in March 1997 with Christie in Londen ****(4) stars.

Domaine de La Romanée Conti – La Romanee Conti 1945
An astonishingly thick colour also had Romanée Conti in 2002 but, noticeable age and acid getting out of hand, also became mature Pinot nevertheless very beautifully, tobacco, always better in the glass 95/100 (well up: wineterminator.com Dr. Becker).

Domaine Romanee Conti – La Tâche 1951
Also Burgundy suffered from the weather, was, however, nevertheless good for a couple of surprises. I would have ones La Tâche in November 2001 to 50 of a good wine friend drunk spontaneously chock-a-block but never in quite a lot, younger great Burgundian years after 1951. Recover to color with clear brown tones, completely marvelous, large Burgundy, sweet one, with all finesse in addition, strength, purifies a wine nearly for chewing, madly - 96/100! (well up: wineterminator.com Dr. Becker).

Domaine de La Romanee Conti – Richebourg 1964
Robert Parker : 92/100 (04-1992) Last Tasted 12/91 An exotic nose of soy sauce, earthy fruit, and vegetal sweet Pinot aromas is followed by a sweet, full-bodied, concentrated wine with low acidity and plenty of alcohol in the finish.

Domaine Romanee Conti – La Romanée Conti 1985
The La Tâche of DRC is gigantic in 1985. This was a great rhone wine tasty, thick, crazy nose complex, luxuriant corpulent, exotic, for me in 2001 on a blind woman test – 97/100. On a DRC test I liked him on similar standard a year later better in the direct comparison than Romanee Conti. This does not have to remain that way. The latter presented himself with firm Burgundy stinker, much was still completely potential at the beginning - 95/100. Great in summer 2005, also the Richebourg of DRC. A still very young and almost a little impetuously, thick wine with perfect aromatic and eternal length of the palate. Much still has ageing potential - 96/100. I had held the grands Echezeaux in a test of DRC in 2006 for considerably older. Ripe colour condemns tastily terrific aromatic with clear brown tones, peppery nose, and complexity, multilayered fruit, would go through 59s also as greater with terrific length and refinement. Fascinating how this wine developed and in the glass extended – 94/100. (well up: wineterminator.com Dr. Becker).

Domaine Romanée Conti – La Tâche 1988
Appraisal Broadbent: At the disclosure taste 1990: deep, rather intense colour; full exotic Pinot flavours and taste marks. Elegant. Large length, silky tannin. In January and March 1991: shining cherry-red; lively, fragrant; concentrate tastily, intensively very tannin emphatically. Recently on Wagners vertical costing: now any longer so deeply, something does not mature; vegetable Pinot flavour " sweet" , like easily spent fuel caramel; Tannine, but after an hour in the glass with a strawberry-like fruit, late still tasty. Rather "sweet", insistent, piquant fruit and a little astringent. In last April 1998 tasted **(***) approximately 2008 till 2020

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